Outlander Season 3 Spoilers and Rumors: Jamie finally meets Brianna

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One of the things fans of the Outlander is looking forward to in the upcoming season of the show is whether Jamie gets to finally meet his daughter Brianna. As Claire traveled through time to save their daughter, season 3 of Outlander will have a lot of questions that need answering.

With the upcoming installment of the Starz time traveling series will feature a lot of extensive flashbacks, fans will get to see Claire tackle her pregnancy and her relationship with present-time husband Frank and his death.

A voyage in the sea will also be featured along with the recently teased Battle of Culloden where Jamie gets to fight his nemesis Black Jack Randall. The upcoming season will be based entirely on Diana Gabaldon’s third Outlander book, Voyager, so fans should expect that a reunion between Claire and Jamie is going to happen.

As for their daughter Brianna, reports claim that she will go 200 years back in time in order to understand her paternal history and she will be followed by her lover Roger. However, this part of the story is going to be told in Gabaldon’s fourth book Drums of Autumn.

The official announcement has not been made whether Jamie will get to meet Brianna in the upcoming season, but rumors are rife that the showrunners are brewing something big that will shock the fans.

Meanwhile, according to GamenGuide, news about the actors portraying Jamie and Claire, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, having a romantic relationship has been persistent on the internet lately. The recent release of a new Outlander outtakes has been a testament to the real status of their relationship.

Apparently, the rumored couple is enjoying their bed scenes in the upcoming season as reported by the same outlet. Add to the fact that they have been sporting fit physiques which add fuel to speculations that they have been preparing for more bed scenes in the upcoming season.

However, these are just speculations and rumors as Heughan or Balfe has not been made a public confirmation of their rumored romantic relationship so readers should take it with a grain of salt.

In the meantime, a new Outlander companion book, The Making of Outlander The Series: The Official Guide to Seasons One & Two has been released to appease fans waiting for the upcoming season to air.

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