Outlander Season 3 updates and news: Major and pivotal roles in season 3

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As Outlander continues filming for its season 3, it has provided updates to fans regarding plots and characters. Recently, it has announced that it added two more characters in the movie who will have pivotal roles in the next season.

The first character will be Ian Fraser Murray, who is adorably referred to as Young Ian. Readers of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series know that this sweet, young Scottish lad is the son of Ian and Jenny Fraser Murray. In the book, he accompanied his uncle Jamie and his wife Claire, who settled in North Carolina.

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Young Ian is more similar in character and personality to his uncle more than his father. Fans of the series know that Ian is sweet, gentle, and soft-spoken although he can be fierce when it comes to protecting his loved ones.

He will be played in the series by John Bell according to E!Online. Bell was best remembered playing the role of Bain in the Hobbit films, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies. In the Outlander series, viewers will see him as a tall and gangly boy filled with mischief, but will eventually develop into a mature young man.

The other actor who will join the cast of Outlander season 3 is Wil Johnson, who will play Joe Abernathy, Claire’s friend and medical colleague. In the book, Abernathy was described as a doctor from Massachusetts who became friends with Claire while they were both studying as doctors in 1950s Boston.

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The two became friends because they were, in a way, outsiders to the school. Claire was the only woman in the class, while Joe was the only African-American. That feeling of belongingness bonded them together, forging a strong friendship between them.

Johnson is a notable English actor who was known for playing Othello on stage and Dom Andrews in the one of Britain’s longest running soap opera, Emmerdale.

Aside from Johnson and Bell, Australian actor Dave Berry was also cast to play the role of Lord John Grey, who developed a friendship with Jamie Fraser. Berry became popularly known for his role as James Bligh in the Australian TV series, A Place to Call Home.

Outlander season 3 is set to premiere in 2017.

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