Pen Pineapple Apple Pen: Song meaning explained

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Pen pineapple apple pen meaning
Pen pineapple apple pen meaning

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. A song that has taken the internet by storm, with its catchy beat, yellow animal print costume, easy dance steps and six-lyric melody. But what do these words mean?

According to sources, absolutely nothing.

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Apparently, the song is simply about what Japanese Kosaka Daimaou repeatedly sang that he has a pen, which he inserted into an apple, and then into a pineapple, thereby creating a Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

And now that it’s clear that the song has nothing to do with healing the world and making it a better place, who is Kosaka Daimaou, and why are we only discovering this musical genius just now?

Get to know the man behind Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

The artist in the video is actually named Piko Taro, a character created by Daimaou, to sport bad fashion and create mesmerizing tunes. Originally a comedian and DJ, Daimaou introduced Piko Taro into live stand-up performances, and his character’s growing popularity inspired him to post the PPAP video in August. Since then, he has become an online sensation, garnering 3 million views (as of posting) and inspiring hundreds of other spin-offs and lip-syncs from fans.

Surprisingly, this is not Piko Taro’s first video as a visit to his YouTube channel will show other videos following the same formula-white background, cheap techno beats and yellow animal print. Unfortunately, most of them are also in Japanese.

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Some fans are also speculating that Daimaou’s character was inspired by Borsalino (more popularly known as Kizaru) from the anime One Piece. Check out the comparison below and see for yourself.

Meanwhile, numerous permutations of PPAP have already been created all thanks to its viral qualities.

The most common ones were simple lip-syncs.


And then there was one who mistook a banana for an apple.

While some were inspired to create art.

But at the end of the day, the original is still the best. And here it is, for the 3,000,001 time.

Photo Courtesy: ihave3kids/ Flickr

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