Person of Interest Season 5 Spoilers: President to die in Episode 11? Jonathan Nolan reveals major Finch update ahead of finale

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Person of Interest Season 5 only has three more episodes left before the series bids adieu forever. The viewers of the show are anticipating in tension as to what awaits in the story as the season finale draws near. Episode 11 of the series will air this coming Tuesday and the viewers might be up for a shock.

Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 11 is titled “Synecdoche” and will center around the team trying to solve a conspiracy linked to the United States of America (USA) President. The team has to stay ahead of the Secret Service to stop the attack. They will be under extra pressure since the death of the President will let the people stop believing in them, as reported by Sirg.

Meanwhile, Harold Finch, played by Michael Emerson has decided to go on the solo run and take down Samaritan on his own. In Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 10, we saw Root, played by Amy Acker sacrifice her life to protect Finch. The last episode was the 100th of the series and was filled with action and drama to the core.

“We’ve long wanted to see what happens if Finch finally gets off the sidelines and says, ‘F— it’. We see a little bit of guy that we’ve met in flashbacks, but haven’t engaged with since… To see him get off the sidelines and plow in is something we’re very, very excited about.” Jonathan Nolan, executive producer of the show said, according to TV Insider.

Person of Interest Season 5 will be the last of the series as it was cancelled back in March. Poor ratings and average reviews contributed to the cancellation of the popular show. No other networks wanted to pick up the series owing to its high production cost.

Person of Interest Season 5 airs every Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.

Photo courtesy: Thibaut/Wikipedia.org

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