Pipa Middleton wedding overshadowed by iCloud hack: Photos of dress fitting and naked fiancee leaked online

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Pipa Middleton
Pipa Middleton

Pipa Middleton will finally be saying her vows with fiancée James Matthews as the couple announced their planned marriage in 2017. Reports even indicate that the socialite has even gone forward with her wedding planning, even picking out a dress for her special day.

And all that even after her iCloud was hacked!

As many would remember, about 3,000 photos of Middleton were leaked online after hackers broke into her iCloud account in September. Some of these photos even included images of her sister with the royal children, her wedding dress and her naked fiancée.

This prompted Middleton to request for the help of Scotland Yard who immediately caught the suspect. Despite their quick efforts though, the unidentified 35-year old man was released on bail, though he was ordered to return in November.

Pipa Middleton moves on from iCloud incident

But it seems that she has already moved on from the scandal, with sources indicating that she has already proceeded with her wedding plans, designing her save the date invites for her guests.

“Pippa Middleton and fiancée James Matthews have fixed a date for their wedding next year, I can reveal — and she looks set to walk down the aisle in style in a £10,000 gown,” shared the Daily Mail. “Pippa is having some luxurious ‘Save The Date’ invitations made, which will be sent to family and friends inside their Christmas cards. And the 33-year-old is determined her gown overshadows the dress that she wore to sister Kate’s wedding.”

Sources even indicated that Pippa Middleton that she has already given instructions to David Emanuel, who designed Princess Diana’s dress, to avoid replicating her sister Kate’s dress.

“As long as it’s the complete opposite of the Duchess of Cambridge — then she stands a chance,” shared Emanuel. “She’s not a royal; she’s not going to be a royal. And that’s all I’m saying.”

Nonetheless, Pipa Middleton should be more than happy to move on from her iCloud scandal, to what will be one of the happiest days of her life.

Photo Courtesy: Comrade King/ Flickr

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