Pippa Middleton’s wedding gets cancelled due to Kate Middleton’s pregnancy

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Photo Courtesy: BoodlesUK/WikimediaCommons

Rumors about Kate Middleton expecting her third baby are circulating the internet lately with various tabloids claiming that the Duchess of Cambridge will make an official announcement before the year ends. Due to these unfounded reports, Pippa Middleton’s wedding has become the subject of cancellation rumors.

Pippa Middleton’s wedding to James Matthews is apparently in danger of being canceled due to the alleged pregnancy of her sister. Reports claim that the younger Middleton does not want her wedding to get overshadowed by a royal baby news so she is delaying or canceling entirely her nuptials.

Life & Style first reported the rumor alleging that Pippa does not want her sister to steal her thunder, although preparations have already been made for the wedding. There are also reports that claim Pippa has refrained her sister to attend the wedding in order not to take away the spotlight and even cited unnamed royal “sources” per Life & Style tabloid.

However, according to the Gossip Cop, a website dedicated to debunking gossips and celebrity rumors, Kate Middleton is not pregnant and Pippa is definitely not going to cancel or delay her wedding. The outlet shuts down Life & Style‘s false report stating that the tabloid has already reported the rumor five times already this year.

The same outlet goes on to state that the tabloid has fabricated its reports once again by alleging that Kate is out for revenge due to Pippa’s upstaging her sister’s 2011 royal wedding.

The official announcement also has not been made by the Kensington Palace and the people involved in the said rumors so most likely there is no truth to the various reports making the rounds online lately.

Besides, if there is even a hint of truth in the rumors that the duchess is expecting a baby, there should be no reason for her or for the royal family not to make an announcement as news of an upcoming baby, royal or not, is still a blessing and a gift from God.

Photo Courtesy: BoodlesUK/WikimediaCommons

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