The Weeknd Starboy: Worth an ear

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The Weeknd Starboy
Image Courtesy: Fred von Lohmann/Flickr

With the release of The Weeknd Starboy, Weeknd fanatics have justified reasons to rejoice. This is the third studio album of the Canadian artist. Incidentally, his real name is Abel Tesfaye. The album follows on the success of his 2015 hit Beauty Behind The Madness.

Prelude to The Weeknd Starboy

The rhythm and blues star made his debut with KissLand in 2013. In 2012 he released Trilogy a collection of mixtapes. The Weeknd’s Starboy includes collaborations with artists of the stature of Daft Punk, Future, Lana Del Rey and also Kendrick Lamar. The Weeknd had formerly described Lamar as a gifted person going on record in an interview on Beats 1, terming his abilities as nothing short of “genius.”

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“It wasn’t just a random Kendrick Lamar verse, it was something special because again, I don’t like to say this all the time, but we’ve known each other for a while and it’s crazy how we started connecting on this record,” he revealed to Zane Lowe.

Two new tracks were released last week

Just last week, The Weeknd let off the audio screens of two brand-new tracks from The Weeknd’s Starboy. This was inclusive of I Feel It Coming produced by none other than Daft Punk reports nme.com

About Daft Punk

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Tesfaye said of the French duo Daft Punk with whom he worked together on The Weeknd’s Starboy  “Their studio is like a spaceship, there’s a lot of gear, but the way they make music, the way they explain it, is very cinematic.”

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A Tribute to Davis Bowie

The title of the album owes its inspiration to none other than David Bowie and is a sort of tribute to the legend, it was revealed earlier during the month. The Weeknd Starboy connection with David Bowie was earlier confirmed and is very much deliberate. The Weeknd had said, “I just love Bowie, I think he’s the ultimate inventor.”


Photo Courtesy: Fred von Lohmann/Flickr

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