Pokemon Go buddy system, live streaming features for iOS available; Social gaming more improved

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Pokemon Go buddy system live streaming features
Pokemon Go buddy system and live streaming features for iOS finally made available for users? App developers revealed no specific dates of releases yet.

Pokemon Go buddy system and live streaming features are the latest updates created for the user’s upgraded Pokemon search. When it comes to their release dates, both Niantic, and Omlet Arcade are yet to launch these features.

Lately, Niantic Inc. introduced the new Pokemon Go buddy system wherein the users can finally walk with their Pokemon and earn a candy if they arrive at a specific distance required.

According to Niantic’s official Facebook post, the Pokemon trainers will choose their buddies from the creatures caught on the road. Apart from the short description of the upcoming feature update, the company has not posted further details about it.

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Niantic usually updates every week either Monday or Tuesday, Heavy noted. Since the Labor Day is scheduled on Monday, it is anticipated to have the new updates on Tuesday instead.

Aside from the buddy system, Omlet Arcade also developed Pokemon Go live streaming features to grow a community among users while playing the AR game. Omlet Arcade representative Ben Rudolph cited the popular augmented reality game should have enhanced means of conversations for Pokemon Go players.

This can be done through improving public and private chats as well as its live streaming features. The interesting part of the live stream is that the users can configure the cam size depending on the players’ demands.

Furthermore, they introduced a special tool that functions as Pokemon locator which is different from the usual illegal scraper app like Pokevision. They guaranteed every Pokemon Go player that they won’t be banned from playing using it.

“We see a lot of activity with users streaming Pokemon, but also a variety of other games. It’s a new and interesting way for gamers to share their Pokemon catches and experiences as well as connecting to the larger community who might not have had a place to meet other players and see how they play,” Rudolph said.

Those who own smartphones with OS below the standard Android 5.0 and iOS won’t enjoy these features. The representative explained that they’re following Android requirements for the overlay app like Pokemon Go’s live streaming features.

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As of now, Omlet Arcade’s team is working hard to expand Pokemon Go live streaming to all Android operating syA Singaporean womanhe iOS version. In the meantime, the players can check the updated Pokemon Go live streaming videos here.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/PokemonGO

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