Pokemon GO: Detective Pikachu live-action movie release date, plot update

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Amidst the popularity of its mobile game version, Pokemon is back in the news. Fans are high on excitement with this update. The first ever live-action movie will be a highly anticipated thing for the followers and lovers of Pokemon and “Detective Pikachu” will be the center of the film.

Legendary Entertainment and the Pokemon Company have confirmed that a potentially massive new film franchise may be released soon — the Pokemon series.

The Dalian Wanda-owned studio announced plans to deliver a live-action movie, “Detective Pikachu,” which will feature the popular little yellow character.

The character was first introduced in Japan through the video game “Great Detective Pikachu” early this year. Hence, some fans may already be aware of the storyline earlier than the rest.

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Detective Pikachu’s storyline is focused and based on the iconic yellow electric type Pokemon. It will be teaming up with a boy, named Tim, to find latter’s missing father. It’s unclear whether the live-action version will have an identical or even similar narrative.

To date, no release date and cast have been revealed. Universal Picture will distribute this movie worldwide except in Japan. The production is planned to start next year.

According to The Wrap, the deal for the film was mediated by Don McGowan, the general counsel at The Pokémon Company International, who led the negotiations with outside counsel Dan Black of Greenberg Traurig.

Legendary’s Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel Marty Willhite, Daniel Feinberg, the vice president Corporate Counsel and Mike Ross, the senior vice president, Business and Legal Affairs, represented the studio.

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Pokemon is back on track at being one of the most talked about stories nowadays. This happened after the release of the Pokemon Go. This game allows players with GPS-loaded smartphones to seek and capture the popular characters which are hidden in real life locations.

Since the release of Pokemon Go, it has been hailed as a huge success and brought Nintendo’s stock to increase rapidly. The company is reportedly earning as much as $1.6 million per day.

The term Pokemon is the short term for “Pocket Monster.”

Photo Courtesy: Etnyk/Flickr

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