Post Malone and Justin Bieber responds on choke gate incident

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Photo courtesy: iloveJB123/Flickr.com

Post Malone chokes Justin Bieber has been the talk of the paparazzi since a picture surfaced of the 22-year old being choked by Malone at a nightclub in Houston, Texas. However, the incident was not given heat by either of the stars currently on Bieber’s Purpose tour.

Malone addressed the incident earlier on his Twitter account stating that Bieber is his older brother and that he wasn’t choke slamming the 22-year-old. Both of them are mates taking the piss, as reported by Metro.

“I love Justin y’all tripping lol. He’s my big brother and we like to rough house. If we were fighting someone would have done something instead of just sitting around while the Biebs get choke slammed.” Malone Tweeted.

Justin Bieber was not far away from responding as he took to social media to share a picture of him holding Malone by his throat. Bieber was seen featuring a bandana and a black T-shirt and Malone had a funny expression on his face. The “Baby” singer tagged the photo “Backstreets back.”

The choking incident gained steam because of the fact that earlier this week a picture appeared which highlighted Bieber ashing his cigarette on Post Malone. Malone was performing at a club in Houston then.

To rubbish the choke-gate incident, even more, Malone revealed the artwork for his upcoming mixtape on social media. The “White Iverson” rapper, however, did not get into details on the subject thus not giving away the title and release time, according to hotnewhiphop.com.

Both Bieber and Malone placed some valid points regarding the “Post Malone chokes Justin Bieber” incident. This highlights how the media bases its news on plain fiction rather than facts. It has to be noted that no other angles of the incident were found, considering that the section was filled with celebrities and no one else captured it with their phone.

Photo courtesy: iloveJB123/Flickr.com

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