Power season 4 storyline might start right after the season 3 finale

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Fans of the Power TV series will be happy to hear that their favorite drama will be back for a fourth season. This has been confirmed through Twitter by Starz. More so, season 4 might start right after Greg was shot based on the showrunner Courtney Kemp’s spoilers.

The tweet simply said that the cast and crew of the series are “back on the grind” and that the “filming has begun.” Along with the tweet is the picture of some of the show’s cast happily posing before the camera. If the cast is happy because they are back to work, so are fans who are already at the edge of their seats wondering what will happen after the season 3 finale.

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As news of the Season 4 filming came, Power showrunner Courtney A. Kemp delivered some spoilers herself, especially what fans should expect in season 4. The great reveal came in a series of tweets where Kemo assured fans that Greg will definitely have some justice. She also told a fan who asked about why no one checked Greg’s cell phone to just wait for Season 4 episode 1. That means that the season 4 timeline might start without a big time gap. There is a possibility that it might start right after the shooting incident.

Aside from Greg getting justice in season 4, Kemp also revealed that Ghost and Kanan will have a showdown next season as Ghost finds out that Kanan is back. She also revealed that Angela and Jamie’s relationship will experience a “shift” next season with Angela’s arrest of the latter playing a big factor in that change.

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“Right now they are adversaries, but if you’ve read the 48 Laws, you know that can change too,” she said.

In closing, she also revealed that there will be no pregnancy happening in the fourth season but the main theme of the next season might probably revolve around redemption and forgiveness.

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