Prison Break Season 5 new trailer reveals Michael is alive; Lincoln helps brother to escape from dangerous Yemeni prison [SPOILERS]

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Prison Break Season 5 new trailer release date in 2017
Prison Break Season 5 new trailer reveals Michael is alive and needs Lincoln’s help to escape from the dangerous Yemeni prison as soon as possible.

Prison Break Season 5 new trailer revealed exciting episodes for the audiences around the world. Lincoln Burrows discovered that his partner, Michael Scofield, was alive and imprisoned in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, Yemen.

Slated to release in 2017, Fox showed a thrilling short clip with which it showed scenes that television viewers should never miss. The all-new Prison Break Season 5 is set in one of the terrifying places in the world.

From there, Lincoln discovered something that Sara Scofield, Michael’s wife, should know about her husband. Prior to his revelation, the only thing Sara knew was Michael fell sick and died in Yemen. However, she didn’t know that Michael was able to recover from his brain tumor and he’s in the Yemeni prison.

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After in-depth research for the exact location of his partner, Lincoln found out that the person whom he considered his brother was alive and needed help to escape. With the help of some comrades, Lincoln successfully freed Michael from the Yemeni prison.

Based on some scenes in Prison Break Season 5 new trailer, there was a part wherein C-Note told Lincoln the reason behind Michael’s existence in the area. He said that the latter worked with ISIL to help them take down the government.

That means Michael and Lincoln, as well as the other old crew, should manage to escape from Yemen, which defined the most interesting episodes to watch out for in 2017. With that being said, Prison Break Season 5 certainly offered something enormous for their global audiences.

Dominic Purcell, who played Lincoln in the series, confirmed this thought. He affirmed that the future episodes were considered the best compared from the previous seasons. “I think this version is [worldlier], it’s heavy shit,” he told Digital Spy.

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The actor added that he felt like the acts from the series became more personal. Because of that, he felt more vulnerable and emotional in every episode. Purcell explained that compared from the previous seasons they made for eight years, the one scheduled in 2017 is considered intense and more grounded.

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