Prison Break Season 5: Release date update; Michael Scofield’s look for the series released

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Photo courtesy: watchwithkristin/Wikipedia.org

Prison Break Season 5 release date has been revealed and it looks like the fans of the super hit TV show will get to see their favorite characters sooner than expected. Leaving all speculations aside, Faran Tahir, who will play the character “Jamil” in the upcoming series has revealed the release date.

“I will be playing the recurring role of Jamil on ‘Prison Break; Sequel’ (Mini TV Series) Season 5 which is expected to air from September 2016” Tahir tweeted.

Despite being rumored to be released on early 2017, we now know that the show is slated for release in 2016 itself. This will be an exciting year for the Prison Break admirers.

The release date is not the only exciting news for the fans of the series. A recent post by Dominic Purcell on his Instagram account shows the new look of Michael Scofield and his older brother Lincoln Burrows. For the newcomers, Michael Scofield is played by actor Wentworth Miller while Purcell plays the role of his older brother Lincoln Burrows.


Both the characters seem to have an intense look which could define the creative direction the show is trying to adapt. The pic shows bruised faces of both Miller and Purcell and the duo seems to be in the middle of a powerful moment.

It has been 9 years since the original Prison Break series ended in 2009. The shooting for the spin-off has already begun in Vancouver and other actors of the show have teased their looks as well on social media.

Rockmond Dunbar, who plays the character C-Note has posted a photo on Instagram which defines his look on the upcoming show. The new look Dunbar is hardly recognizable as the C-Note we know off. He is now sporting a full grown beard and has an Islamic look.

Apart from Vancouver, the show will also be filmed in various locations of Morocco. The shooting will take place in Casablanca, Ouarzazate and Rabat, as reported by Moroccan Times.

According to rumors, the story of the show will hover around Michael Scofield being held captive in a prison in the Middle East.  The star cast of the original Prison Break will move there to plot the biggest prison escape in the series’ history.

Photo courtesy: watchwithkristin/Wikipedia.org

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