Prison Break Season 5: Sarah Wayne Callies death update; release date reveal

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Photo courtesy: Luck the Lady/Flickr.com

Prison Break Season 5 is one of the most anticipated television series of the modern era and will answer all the questions left by its previous season in 2009. However, it will also portray the death of some major characters. One of them will be of Sarah Wayne Callies who portrays Dr. Sara Tancredi in the show.

Lincoln Burrows, another character in the series will play a major part in Prison Break Season 5. Dominic Purcell, who portrays the character, recently revealed that the theme of the season will be terrorism. Other than this, there will be other interesting angles covered in the series, according to Fashion & Style.

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Various rumors and speculations are suggesting that the show will highlight the death of a major character or characters. Despite many desperate to know whether this will be a one off season, there has been no news about it yet.

Dr. Sara Trancedi is tipped to be the character who will die in the upcoming season. Many are suggesting that this death will give the show a dramatic and memorable end, which will stick to the minds of the viewers for a long time. IF the producers plan a Prison Break Season 6, then it will also provide a brilliant base to start the sixth season.

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It has to be noted though that the character played by Sarah Wayne Callies was supposed to die in Prison Break Season 1 itself. However, considering the immense love of the audiences for the character, she was kept alive. In season 3, she was shown to be dead, but it was a fake incident. However, the fifth season’s demise will be permanent.

Nothing has been officially declared yet and the fans of the series will have to wait until its release. Prison Break Season 5 is slated for release on spring 2017.

Photo courtesy: Luck the Lady/Flickr.com

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