Rage Against the Machine predicted Trump presidency before The Simpsons; Bassist Tim Commerford says ‘Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler’

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The Simpsons’ prediction of Donald Trump winning the US presidency 16 years ago served as a warning to America, but it seems Rage Against the Machine actually beat the eerily prescient show to the punch by a few months.

The politically-charged rock/rap band made the prediction through their music video Sleep Now in the Fire. In the said MTV, there was a man holding up a sign that reads “Donald Trump for President 2000.” Although it was off by a few years, it was a curious Easter egg nonetheless.

According to the Daily Dot, Michael Moore directed the music video in January 2000, three months before the Simpsons  episode aired. It was filmed on the steps of Federal Hall, a fitting background for a song that clearly attacks American capitalism.


“Michael basically gave us one directorial instruction,” Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine’s guitarist, recalled in a book, 33 Revolutions Per Minute. “‘No matter what happens, don’t stop playing.'”

A fight with the authorities ensued when the band tried to get into the New York Stock Exchange, which made for some compelling footage.

Moore has since continued to fight the Trump presidency. After the election, he laid out a to-do list for Democrats to reclaim their party in the American government.


Video Courtesy: RATMVEVO/YouTube

Meanwhile, Rage Against the Machine’s bassist Tim Commerford aired his thoughts about Donald Trump’s election victory last week. He wrote an article for Team Rock where he did not just compared Trump to Hitler. He actually wrote, “He is Hitler. He’s f—ing Adolf Hitler.”

America is still in disarray after the presidential election. There are protests everyday while hate crimes perpetuated by Trump supporters are reported nationwide. Many Americans are frightened to face Trump’s upcoming four years in office and that includes Commerford.

“I’m as shocked as most people in this country are,” he wrote. “I’ve been talking to my sons today, and it’s scary times – it’s mind-boggling how many people voted for him, and just how f–ked up the whole system is. It’s messed up and it’s sad.”

The bassist continued, “I was saying this when they were running – and I’ve heard other people say it too – that he’s like Adolf Hitler. He is Adolf Hitler. He’s f—ing Adolf Hitler. And He. Is. Scary. All of us should be really scared, and all of us should be prepared for the worst.”

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