Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 release date, spoilers, predictions reveal a new Teresa Giudice; Husband Joe Giudice sends X-rated emails while in prison

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 release date ft Teresa Giudice return
The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7 release date is nearing. Predictions stated Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita’s come back.

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 release date is coming in a few days with big news slated for their fans. One of them is about TRHOJ star Teresa Giudice’s revelation on her marriage.

Reality star Teresa Giudice shared how grateful she is for all her fans, especially towards her family’s difficult situations.

She referred to her 11-month imprisonment sentence and release last year as well as her husband, Joe Giudice, Federal imprisonment as well.

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During an interview with ET Online, she mentioned about how her husband did a lot of effort to keep their spark alive in their marriage while in prison. In fact, he kept sending x-rate emails to her.

“I’m not going to say what the emails say. He’s doing good. You know, being positive, and we’re just both taking one day at a time,” she said.

Giudice also cited his efforts on getting healthy and felt proud of his six-pack abs. She stated she kept telling him how much she wanted to see it in him. Consequently, he did while imprisoned.

“He’s eating right … because you know, it’s good. He said it’s good. He’s getting his mind focused and he’s not drinking. I guess he was drinking a lot,” Giudice noted.

“We’re married 16 years and I just can’t wait for him to get home. I think it’s just going to spice up our marriage even more. Yeah, when I came home [from her own 2015 prison stint] it’s like falling in love all over again,” she added.

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She ended the interview with a bang. “Being with Joe, yeah, being with my honey … in bed. That was the best,” Giudice continued.

Meanwhile, what the fans could expect with The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 will be Teresa Giudice’s emotional return in the show and Jacqueline Laurita to add more tension among the other stars. She has already been a guest in season 6.

Could Teresa Giudice appear stronger in Season 7? Or she’d be more affected by Jacqueline’s appearance?

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/RHNJ

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