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Recording of Taylor Swift and Kanye West illegal

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Photo Courtesy: Gabriel Vargas/flickr

Kanye West may possibly face legal action and criminal pursuit as a result of the controversy between him and Taylor Swift. The issue is rooted on the illegal recording of the phone call between the rapper and pop star, according to legal experts.

Kim Kardashian, the wife of Kanye West, posted a series of videos on Snapchat that show her husband having a discussion via phone with Swift regarding the lyrics of the song “FAMOUS.”

Swift already threatened West with criminal offense and prosecutions months ago about this issue, according to TMZ.

Photo Courtesy: gardenachil/flickr

Photo Courtesy: gardenachil/flickr

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This issue started with the altercation about the lyrics in one of the songs in the latest album of West with the title, “Famous.” In the song, West raps: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.”

The camp of Swift denied that she allowed, agreed and approved the lyrics. Meanwhile, Kardashian-West, basically accused Swift of lying about her knowledge of the song’s lyrics. On Sunday night, West’s wife posted the said series of videos on Snapchat. Swift responded to this via a Twitter post.

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Legal experts say that West may have violated the law with regard wiretapping. In her interview with TIME, privacy law expert and associate professor at New York Law School Ari Ezra Waldman said this incident has two distinct legal issues about the state wiretap laws. The first is whether the phone call took place from or received in a state that both parties agreed to being recorded. The second is whether Swift’s privacy was violated by Kardashian-West by broadcasting a phone call that the former may have believed to be private.

According to the penal code, West could face a fine maximum of $2,500 and jail time if Swift was indeed unaware of the recording. This may also happen if West made the call from California where the Kardashian family lives. California is one of the states that follow the federal wiretapping laws.

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This issue produced numerous discussions about legal matters and the song. Both parties can consult legal experts to defend their claim about this matter.

Photo Courtesy: Gabriel Vargas/flickr

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