Rihanna dead-ringer is now an Internet sensation herself

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All Shania Ruedas Bernal wanted was to stand out during their school’s Celebrity Day. Little did she know that dressing up like Rihanna would suddenly make her an Internet sensation.

Bernal is a 19-year old student from Anaheim, California. That time, their school would hold “Celebrity Week” where they had to show up at school dressed like their favorite celebrity. She was undecided until she saw an old picture of Riri for a promotional party of her album Anti. The teenager thought she could pull it off.

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On Celebrity Week, Bernal wore a similar dress to the one Rihanna wore in that picture, did her hair similarly, and even got herself a fake tattoo on her hands make the impression as realistic as possible. After that, she had her picture taken striking the same pose as the Barbadian singer and posted it on her Twitter account.

Little did she know that her picture would go viral and make her into an Internet sensation. Within a short time, that picture gained more than 47,000 likes and more than 20,000 re-tweets. It made the rounds of social media with different people praising her for nailing it. She even caused a lot of people to double take. One tweet from @iridescentgaze said she thought it was “Riri for a good minute.”

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The instant shower attention, however. made the teenager nervous and afraid that she decided to make her profile private. But a few more encouraging tweets from people, she decided to put the picture back again.

“I’m still going to be a little shy every now and then about everything, but I’m so glad everyone gave me a boost of confidence,” the 19-year old Bernal said.
The icing on the cake, however, was when Rihanna saw the picture and complimented her about it saying, “How she do me betta than me doe??” For her, nothing could beat the feeling of being complemented by the very celebrity she loves.

Photo Courtesy: Notyfarandula1/Flickr

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