The Rock, HBO, Mark Wahlberg faces $200 million lawsuit for ‘Ballers’

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Success comes at a price and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, HBO and Mark Wahlberg are finding it to be pretty expensive as they face a $200 million lawsuit for their hit show “Ballers”. The trio got sued back in December for allegedly intercepting an idea from another show called “Off Season”.

Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton claims that they had the idea for “Off Season” back in 2007 and found around 27 similarities of their project with “Ballers”. Both Silas and Littleton had discussions with Wahlberg and The Rock over a deal in 2009, however it fell apart over a creative credit dispute.

“Ballers” is a show on HBO that features The Rock as a retired football player who goes on to become a financial advisor. The show saw success in its first season and has already been called upon for a second, as reported by TMZ.

According to Littleton and Silas, few of the similarities between “Ballers” and “Off Season” include:

  • Both caters around the lives of football players and their off-field activities
  • The storyline of both is set in Miami
  • Both deals with African-American athletes

The team of “Off Season” also claims that the title of “Ballers” has been ripped from the name of one of their episodes. The damages which both Silas and Littleton are claiming figures around $200 million.

“We are confident the case has no merit” an HBO correspondent responded on the matter.

The Rock and Mark Wahlberg are yet to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, The Rock is set to feature in the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) WrestleMania 32, however the company is yet to decide on what his role would be at the event.

Speculations are suggesting that the Great One could be seen alongside his family man Roman Reigns who would be taking on Triple H for the world heavyweight title. However, nothing official has been announced yet, as reported by INQUISITR.

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