‘Independence Day’ director Roland Emmerich finds Marvel movies “Silly”

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Roland Emmerich has just revealed one of his pet peeves in the Hollywood scene; superheroes movies.

The ‘Independence Day’ director has just said that he doesn’t really like the idea of superheroes and people wearing capes, and thinks that superhero movies are “silly.”

Emmerich is  the director of several SciFi movies that focuses mostly on natural disasters that occur in the world, such as ‘ The Day after Tomorrow,’ ‘2012,’ ‘Godzilla,’ and the upcoming ‘Independence Day; Resurgence’ which is the continuation to his 1996 work of ‘Independence Day.’

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He said that he would rather see ordinary people being the heroes without having to wear crazy suits and capes.

” I don’t like people in capes. I find it silly when someone dons a superhero suit and flies. I don’t understand it. I grew up in Germany, that’s probably why.” said Roland in an interview with The Guardian.

On the interview, Roland also recalled the beginning and the first days of his career. He said that his first four movies had really good reviews, but in his hometown, Germany, his movies were not very much appreciated saying that in Germany, they thought his movies were “Too American.”

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He said that in Germany, he received discouraging reviews, with some saying that he was trying too hard to make American movies if he wasn’t good at it, and that’s why he was still Germany.

However, he proved them all wrong when he became successful in Hollywood with his works.

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