Shades of Blue Season 2 Update: Release date, rumors and spoilers; J-Lo spotted filming season 2

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Shades of Blue
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NBC’s Shades of Blue stars Jennifer Lopez as the character Harlee Santos, a detective who works for the New York Police Department, particularly in the FBI Anti-Corruption Task Force.

In the first season, Lopez’s character was pegged to be corrupt and this was due to her ties with her family and having to deal with financial problems. Reportedly, she was accused of killing her then-partner Miguel Zepeda (Antonio Jaramillo) after attempting to rape her. Also, Santos is a single parent to a 17-year old daughter.

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According to Movie News Guide, the second installment of the series was supposed to be aired last month, but, unfortunately, it did not happen. However, reports are now circulating that its possible release would likely fall early next year following a pattern from the show’s pilot season launched on Jan. 7 of this year.

Master Herald reported that actress Lopez was spotted several times last month in Queens filming scenes for Shades of Blue Season 2. She was seen in the areas of 31st road and 31st Avenue. The actress was also spotted in Brooklyn together with co-stars Ray Liotta before going to Queens.

In the season finale of the show, Santos had decided to come clean to Lieutenant Matt Wozniak about her exploits with the FBI and with Agent Robert Stahl (Warren Kole).

Wozniak, on the other hand, told Santos that everything’s forgiven and in that particular moment, Santos disclosed to Wozniak some vital Intel information that would let Wozniak find ways to escape detection by the FBI anti-corruption task force.

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That particular scene concerning what Intel Santos disclosed to Wozniak hinted a spoiler on what’s going to happen in Season 2.

Just like in season 1, the second installment will also cover 13 episodes.

Photo courtesy: Shades of Blue/Facebook

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