Sherlock Season 4: Moriarty is confirmed to return; Tom Hiddleston as Sherrinford is Sherlock’s new enemy

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Anticipation is high for the fourth installment of Sherlock especially about the shocking news of James Moriarty’s revival in the previous season’s finale. Although it was not confirmed at that time that Sherlock Holmes’ arch nemesis is really alive, fans are excited about the recent news of confirmation from the BBC that Moriarty will be coming back for the fourth season.

The BBC recently revealed the episode titles of Sherlock season 4, giving fans clues about what might happen with each episode. Episode one is entitled The Six Thatchers, directed by Rachel Talalay and written by Mark Gatiss. According to collider, the title is based on the Arthur Conan Doyle story, The Adventure of the Six Napoleons. The story revolves around the identity of a man who had been shattered busts of Napoleon.

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Episode two is entitled The Lying Detective and is directed by Nick Hurran and penned by Stephen Moffat. It is too, is assumed to be based on another Arthur Conan Doyle classic, The Adventure of the Dying Detective. Its story is about a deathly ill Holmes while John Watson is trying to discover what is ailing him.

Unfortunately, only two episode titles were revealed by the  BBC. According to Parent Herald, the third mysterious episode is reported where Moriarty will make his appearance. The BBC and producers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss revealed that Holmes’ and Moriarty’s reunion will take place in episode three of the upcoming season.

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Along with the clues given by the cast at Comic-Con where they help up three cards with the words “Thatcher”, “Smith” and “Sherrinford”, speculations are rife that Moriarty and Sherrinford may indeed figure strongly in season 4.

It is also widely speculated that Tom Hiddleston will play the third Holmes brother, Sherrinford.  Parent Herald cites Nerdist in proposing that Holmes and Watson will find that Moriarty and Sherrinford are strongly linked. While a theory is suggesting that Moriarty and Sherrinford are one and the same.

However, fans will have to keep guessing until Sherlock season 4 airs its premiere on New Year’s Day of 2017.

Photo courtesy: Saschaporsche/Wikipedia.or

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