Sig Hansen recovers from heart attack, says he’ll quit smoking but questions ‘no sex’ for the time being

Captain Sig Hansen is now recovering well from his home in Seattle after a heart attack that happened last week at sea. Upon the doctor’s advice, the frank talking Captain promised that he will try to quit smoking, but personally questions the “no sex for the mean time” policy.

Hansen was interviewed by TMZ Live and he described the pain he went through when the incident happened. He stated that he was pissed off at something and from being pissed he got angry and that triggered the heart attack.

“I usually get a pain on the left side of my chest here…this was like dead in the middle…it felt like an air bubble or something. I was just pissed off… it was anger,” Hansen said.

He added that stress played a big part of him getting a heart attack with 20 percent coming from smoking. But the skipper of FV Northwestern revealed that the hardest part to take was when the doctors told him that he could not have sex for a week or so.

“Let’s put it this way, I have tossed them (cigarettes) but I still sneak a little bit. But you know what the toughest part was before I left the hospital at Anchorage, the doctor goes ‘you cannot have sex for a week or so’. I mean like guys we been out for a month, we are at sea…you want to go home and uh…and obviously… and they add more pain by giving you a prescription of Viagra and says ‘use this when you’re ready’,” Hansen said.

The 49-year old skipper also told Yahoo TV that the heart attack was unlike the one in the movies. He explained that the pain was like a sharp knife that keeps pushing through his chest that made him angrier.

He also thanked the camera crew for stepping in and making the right decision to air lift him to Anchorage and adds that after working with the film crew for 12 years they knew when to step in and when to step back.

“Yeah, I wanted to keep going. I was in denial. It was more denial than anything else. We got the boat in, and I was in Dutch Harbor for, I think, two hours, and they were doing their tests, because it was a sneaky one. Then we found out it was a full blown heart attack, and then we did the medevac to Anchorage. I think what saved my life was the shot you get for any blood clots. There was a blood clot lodged in one of my arteries, and it dissolved it. And then, of course, you get treated for the heart attack, if you need stints and all this other stuff. But I’m a pretty lucky guy, because it was right there on a wishbone, and had it gone the one way, down the widowmaker, there would have been no chance. It got lodged right up there, so pretty lucky,” Hansen added.

Hansen hinted that once he gets the doctor’s clearance, he will still go back to fishing the Bering Sea.

Photo Courtesy: Timdorr/Flickr

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