Sons of Anarchy Spin-Off Update: Charlie Hunnam to star; Oakland set to be used as backdrop

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Photo courtesy: FX/commons.Wikimedia.org

Fans of the series Sons of Anarchy will be jubilant with the news that Chris Sutter, writer and producer of the show has shared some promising news of a Sons of Anarchy spin-off. There is also a possibility that Charlie Hunnam will reprise his role as Jax Teller. However, this will all depend on the setting of the plot.

Sutter recently took to Twitter and shared his excitement about the spin-off. He also went on to hint about the look and feel of his new project.

“Mayans MC Spin-off just got one step closer. I’m very excited about this story. Dark and beautiful.” Sutter tweeted.

This is bound to get the fans excited and crave for more news on the topic. However, Sutter did not shelve out any more details on the new series and also did not comment whether Hunnam will be a part of the show, as reported by International Business Times.

Rumors are floating that Hunnam’s chance of featuring on the show depends on when the plot of series is set. If the storyline stars during or before the plot of Sons of Anarchy, then there is a chance for the 36-year-old to be on the show. However, if the spin-off is set after the events of the original series, then Hunnam is likely to be out.

Chris Sutter wants to make the Sons of Anarchy spin-off unique and focus mainly on the Mayans. He does not want the storylines to mix, but could consider a crossover during some point in the show.

According to rumors, the production team of the spin-off series has already started working and has found a perfect setting in Oakland, which is touted to be the backdrop for the Mayans motorcycle gang. Sutter wants to deviate away from Charming and considers the location of the spin-off to be extremely important, as reported by Cinema Blend.

Photo courtesy: FX/commons.Wikimedia.org

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