Sony enters the movie streaming business, launches Ultra

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Sony is getting into new business, the Japanese electronics giant has announced a new ultra-high-definition movie streaming service called Ultra.

Currently, Ultra can only be accessed on Sony hardware for now, and costs $30 to buy. Ultra will make its official debut in the US market on April 4.

Unlike other streaming services in the market today, Ultra will require customers to purchase individual titles at $30 each. Consumers who already own titles in standard or high-definition format can also be able to take an “upgrade“ to ultra-high-definition resolution for just $12 to $15, but this upgrade options are limited to Sony-produced videos only.

Movies available will include Sony Pictures and Columbia titles like Concussion, The Night Before, and The Walk.

Consumers who already have Sony 4K Ultra HD televisions will automatically get four complimentary movies when they sign up for the Sony’s streaming service. Ultra is also compatible with Sony’s UltraViolet cloud service, which means that UltraViolet users are now eligible to access the films at a discounted price. Here, they pay only a fraction of the total $30 cost to upgrade some of them to 4K.

Ultra is not alone, rivals are also working on their own. Last year, Netflix starts offering 4K streaming service. But Sony is working hard to address this challenge.

The biggest challenge for the company for now is how to close the gap between the growing affordability of 4K and HDR technology and the lack of compatible movies can consumers actually watch on their TVs.

Still, Sony won’t make any comment whether its new 4k streaming service make its way to PlayStation 4 consoles, but it did hints something that this could be possible in the future. Looking ahead, it easy to list competitors in the market, Netflix and Amazon.

The only difference with these two streaming services would be the price point. Netflix, for example, charges only $11.99 per month to take an upgrade from its standard $7.99 service.

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