Sony faces hard road ahead, PS4 Sony’s last hope for survival

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Sony is facing a hard fight for increased revenue and market share. The Japanese consumer giant is struggling to stay relevant in the consumer electronics market, but it’s reportedly not working.

Sony is currently facing fierce two-front wars, first against a group of well-established electronics companies led by Samsung and second against its top rival in the gaming industry, the Redmond-based software company Microsoft.

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In the consumer electronics market, it’s losing grounds fast and much of the focus and attention are placed on Samsung, and LG Electronics, two well-established companies that have proved over the last few years that with right idea and leadership, companies can enter a market with entrenched competitors and still win.

Now, both Samsung and LG Electronics are capturing the attention of consumers across the globe. But amid all that huge success, there is one old company that’s managed to return back and maintain its lofty market position. Sony used to hold the top spot in the consumer electronics world and was easily dominated that space. But over the last few years, the company has seen trouble in the market and has lost its way as more capable alternatives and products continue to hammer its market position.

For now, Sony is turning to its hardware business and its upcoming PS4 Neo to help turn the tide. Sony is making a very good thing for the games business. No doubt, a potential growth machine.

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Currently, Sony has now sold 35 million units worldwide and has shown no sign of slowing down. The company has done a fantastic work on improving the PS4 over the past two years – PlayStation Now, pre-loading games, YouTube streaming, and PlayStation TV are all making the kill for Sony.

But for Sony to remain in business, it needs to have supportive leadership, strong signs of cooperation from other parts of the company and a pipeline of games that should keep fans delighted along the way, PlayStation is in the strongest place it’s been for over a decade and it’s also its safest bet.

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