Star Wars Episode 8: All that we know

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Star Wars Episode 8
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The Star Wars universe is well on its way to becoming just that. A micro and macrocosm of an alternative reality. Fans are eagerly awaiting all the flicks Hollywood churns out about this epic. But none is more riveting than the continuing storyline as it extends to Star Wars Episode 8.

No gaps

The Star Wars franchise has a knack for a jump in the narrative between episodes. But luckily for force aficionados, the initial meeting between Rey and Luke will not be skipped. Star Wars Episode 8 is all set to kick off right where Episode 7 ends. This will make the story blend in seamlessly. Eager fans who waited with bated breath for the sequel will certainly get their money’s worth reports WhatCulture.

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The title

The official word is yet to be out regarding the title of Star Wars Episode 8. But that has not prevented fans from wildly speculating about the same. Rumors of titles like ‘Star Wars: Fall of The Resistance,’ ‘Star Wars: The Order Of The Dark Side,’ among others are to be found in bountiful on the net. But is has no formal basis.

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New cast members

Apart from the characters introduced in Episode 7, Star Wars Episode 8 is all set to introduce several new ones which include past recipients of the Academy award Benicio Del Toro. Also, new to the cast are Kelly Marie Tran and Laura Dern. The exact nature of the roles essayed by these superlative performers is yet to be known. But if their past performances are anything to go by these people will liven up the Star Wars Universe, hopefully to the extent and standards we expect of it.

But everything is tight-lipped. Mark Hamil will only reveal that the team is keeping a vigil on that no one reveals anything reports gamenguide.com

So, brace yourselves up for a semi-kamikaze attack on the Death Star or rather its inheritors, once again.


Photo Courtesy: JAKO5D/Pixabay

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