Star Wars Episode 8: How Maz Kanata got Luke’s Lightsaber

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Star Wars Episode 8
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There have been theories abound regarding Luke’s lightsaber. In episode 7 it ends up with Rey. Before that, it was with Maz Kanata from where it fell into her hands. But the question persists- how did she get it. The answers will obviously be revealed in Star Wars Episode 8. But that does not deter force theorists from speculating about it. But per Star Wars Episode 8 spoilers, the potent weapon may have been retrieved by Maz Kanata who is said to play a pivotal role in the sequel.

Tracing back

In Star Wars the lightsaber may last be traced back to the fight between Luke and his father on Bespin where Luke loses his hand and his lightsaber both. It resurfaced in Episode 7 in a chest belonging to Maz Kanata.

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Rey is attracted by the lightsaber, drawn by the force, by its power. She opens the box and uses it to ward off Kylo Ren in the climax of Star Wars Episode 7. The discomfiture of Ren seeing the lightsaber with her is understandable. Strange are the ways of the force.

Yet another theory

Movie Pilot reckons that Ren was in possession of the weapon long before it fell into the hands of Maz Kanata. They also reckon that she might have even stolen it from Ren. According to the report, this us from internet leaks of Episode 7.

The theory goes that Ren, in turn, acquired it through trade. As per the theory, that is why Ren yells at Finn that the lightsaber rightfully belongs to him when he sees him holding it.


It is also to be noted that long before Making Star Wars had reported that Kanata acquired it during the fight between the Seven and the Knights of Ren. Seven is an entity shrouded in mystery. Ren supposedly lost the lightsaber during the course of the battle with Kanata stealing it from the scene of the battle.

But the presence of Kanata at the scene, her origin and how she is related to Luke remains a mystery only to be solved finally by the Star Wars Episode 8.

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Picture Courtesy: Thor_Deichmann/Pixabay

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