Star Wars Episode 8 Movie Release Date, Updates: Luke Skywalker will have longer cameo, Darth Vader’s past unveiled; Mark Hamill tweets about filming to end next week

Star Wars Episode 8 movie release date reveals Luke Skywalker longer lines and appearance
Star Wars Episode 8 movie release date is in 2017. Leaked image revealed spoilers. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) tweeted about finishing film in two weeks.

Star Wars Episode 8 movie release date is certainly confirmed in 2017. Recently, Mark Hamill tweeted about the filming which will end next week. His character might have a longer cameo.

He shared to Star Wars Episode 8 expectants that they will finally end their filming in the next two weeks. He revealed that the entire cast and crew are already wrapping up the production.

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According to Cinema Blend, rumors mentioned that the movie will have Luke Skywalker for more than two minutes with longer lines. In fact, in a leaked script released, the character uttered several lines during his conversation with Rey and Yoda.

Rey’s past might be included in the plot as well. This was uncovered when Luke, Yoda, and Rey were traveling to the past. They will arrive in planet Ach-To and find the ancient Jedi temple.

Comic Book Movie reported that a source published leaked images of the movie script which eventually became viral. The image was taken from the exact script from the production set. Hence, fans could expect this scene in the Star Wars Episode 8 movie.

In the leaked image assumed to be a Star Wars Episode 8 script, those were the exact lines of Luke Skywalker when he discussed about the images he saw with Rey and Yoda. Yoda’s character was also rumored to appear in the movie as well.

“Rey, The Jedi Order spent millenia in secret seeking out The One. We identified children, trained millions of them to use The Force, but none of them turned out to be The One,” Luke Skywalker said.

“Then the Sith Order returned and a boy was identified as possibly being The One. We were wrong and had been deceived, resulting in the Clone Wars. This boy turned out to be Darth Vader and helped hunt down and kill almost all the remaining Jedi,” he added.

Below is the leaked image of Star Wars Episode 8’s script.


Photo courtesy: Comic Book Movie

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Along with their surprising discoveries, they also found out Jedi Order’s origin on how it exactly started. In the movie, fans could finally see more of Luke Skywalker longer than a minute with more lines uttered on big screen.

Star Wars Episode 8 movie will premiere in December 15, 2017.

Photo courtesy: Facebook.com/StarWarsPH

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