Stephen Amell joins American Ninja Warrior in 2017; Margot Robbie confirms participation in obstacle race

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Stephen Amell joins American Ninja Warrior in 2017
Stephen Amell joins American Ninja Warrior in 2017. He recently tweeted host Matt Iseman about joining obstacle-course competition. Margot Robbie plays too?

Stephen Amell joins the America’s famous obstacle course competition series in 2017, according to his recent tweets. Matt Iseman, one of the hosts of the show, welcomed the “Arrow” star along with a question whether the actor will allow the production team to use the Arrow Cave for the City Finals.

The CW series superhero recently tweeted to American Ninja Warriors’ official Twitter account about his interest in playing with other great athletes in the well-known American obstacle race competition.

“Hey @ninjawarrior – I would like to compete on your show in 2017,” he wrote. His tweet received more than ten thousand likes and two thousand re-tweets on the same day.

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On the same date, the show host Matt Iseman immediately responded to the actor’s tweet. He said that they acknowledge Amell’s request with an inquiry if the actor lends the Arrow Cave for the show’s City Finals. “We accept. Can we borrow the Arrow Cave for the City Finals?” Iseman stated.

Like Amell’s trending tweet, Iseman’s response received hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes as well. One of the fans said if Stephen Amell joins the American Ninja Warrior next year, it is also great to see Margot Robbie, who played as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, to compete with him in the show.

Another fan suggested that the “Arrow” star could also wear his superhero costume while running and jumping in the obstacle course.

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The majority of the fans showed excitement to the actor’s participation in American Ninja Warriors’ obstacle race for next year. In fact, many of them noted in their tweets that the show’s ratings will certainly rise up. Simply because they’re curious how Stephen Amell does the stunts live on television like the other competitors in the show.

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