Street Fighter V: The big is coming this week

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Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

The success of Street Fighter has brought high expectations in the gaming world, and Capcom is readying something big this week. Capcom, the game developer behind the blockbuster hits Resident Evil and Mega Man series, has finally announced a major update this week. The big update will be release on March 28 and March 30 for PlayStation 4 and PC, respectively.

In the first half of this “March update”, players will get new modes and rematches in Ranked play. The second one will introduce a character named Alex, along with his story content as well as the in-game shop. The fresh update will also include a new set of alternative costumes for some iconic characters, such as a preorder Battle Costume outfits for Chun-Li and Ryu, and the most-awaited police uniform for Interpol’s Chun-Li.

This is a new batch of previously unseen character costumes. Players can buy Chun-Li’s Battle Costume by preordering the game on the PlayStation Store or on PC, while Ryu’s Battle Costume can be purchased by preordering the game at GameStop.

Other Street Fighter V characters who will also get a new set of alternate costumes are Bison, Cammy, Laura, Rainbow Mika, Zangief and Rashid. Players can now check out some of those costumes in action in a YouTube video by searching the game.

Despite of the big changes coming this week, Capcom has made some tough decision. The company will not include Zenny, the in-game currency that costs real money, in this March update because Capcom says that isn’t yet ready.

Street Fighter is one of the top franchises in the competitive fighter scene, and Capcom is trying to establish this latest entry as the go-to game for the $99.3 billion gaming industry.

Here’s what’s coming on March 28 update:

  • Challenge Mode
  • Demonstrations:
  • Intermediate Tutorials:
  • Advanced Tutorials:
  • Character Tutorials:
  • Beginner Tutorials:
  • Trials:
  • Online Rematch Option:
  • Battle Lounge Improvements:
  • Bug fixes and gameplay balancing:

Here’s what’s coming on March 30 update:

  • Introduction of Alex and his character story content:
  • In-Game Shop:

Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Osaka, Japan, Capcom is a manufacturer and distributor of electronic game machines. Since then, Capcom has expanded in all areas of the videogame industry, adding offices in Japan; California; England; Hong Kong, and China. In 1985, Capcom established its US subsidiary Capcom USA, which also best known for its blockbuster franchises like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Breath of Fire, Dino Crisis and very popular Mega Man series.

Picture Courtesy: PlayStation.Blog/Flickr Creative Commons

Video Courtesy: Street Fighter/Youtube.com

Watch the video below to know more about the big March update:

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