Supergirl Season 2 release update; Melissa Benoist return in doubt

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Supergirl Season 2 (Photo Courtesy: @supergirlcbs/Twitter)

DC Comics has had a marvelous year on TV but the fans are still awaiting an announcement of Supergirl Season 2.  It has almost been a month since Season 1 of the show wrapped up on CBS and the network is yet to say a word on renewing the franchise. The reason for the delay has been touted to be the show’s budget and this has raised question marks over the return of Kara (Melissa Benoist) on TV screens this fall.

Leslie Moonves, president of CBS is currently in talks with Warner Brothers regarding Supergirl Season 2. According to reports, each episode of the franchise costs around $3 million which is not justified by the show’s ratings. The amount invested per episode is one of the highest licensing fees for a newcomer show, according to The Wrap.

CBS is set to announce its fall schedule within two weeks and the future of Supergirl is yet to be decided. This has raised concerns over the show’s future, although many suggest that the series might shift to another network or a streaming service. Since, Marvel already has a deal with Netflix; Hulu might consider taking this huge opportunity and strike a deal with DC Comics, as reported by idigitaltimes.com.

There is another option that Moonves and Warner Bros. TV chief, Peter Roth can cook up to solve the issue in hand. Supergirl Season 2 could be passed on to The CW from CBS. It has to be noted that The CW is a joint venture between CBS and Warner.

Rumors are also circulating that if Supergirl fails to find another network or a streaming service, then the budget of the show may get heavily reduced. This could result in less number of episodes next season and this decision may face the wrath of the fans.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Warner Bros. TV is thinking of moving its production to Vancouver, Canada to reduce costs. The cast have been told about this and many are unhappy with the potential move, as reported by Deadline.

Photo courtesy: @supergirlcbs/Twitter

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