Surviving Compton: Dr Dre owes his fame to ex-wife Michel’le; New Lifestyle biopic reveals an abusive Dr Dre

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Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le, which premiered over the weekend, is the latest offering from the Lifetime channel’s bag of biopics.

The biopic is Michel’le Toussaint’s, Dr. Dre’s ex-wife, the answer to the rapper’s 2015 biographical film Straight Outta Compton as it did not elaborate on Michel’le’s story and their time together as husband and wife.

Michel’le, a well-known R&B singer and songwriter who shot to fame after her songs No More Lies and Something In My Heart were featured in Billboard’s Top Ten singles in the ’90’s, has been silent all these years until she bravely had her tell-all in the controversial biopic.

When Dr. Dre wasn’t famous yet, Michel’le was a constant presence in the Billboard charts. She was so famous back then that most people believe that she is the main reason why Ruthless Records, the record label where Dr. Dre and Michel’le met and worked together, became successful.

During that time, rap and hip-hop have not gained enough mainstream media attention yet and it was through Michel’le and her popular R&B sound that the record label gained recognition.

In fact, the 45-year-old singer admitted in an interview with Elle that Ruthless Records used her fame to jumpstart the careers of some of the current hip-hop superstars, including the N.W.A. producer Dr. Dre.

“Dre would come to my interviews with me—he’d come to all these places that would never have had the guy from N.W.A. Wasn’t it genius?” said Michel’le.

The two musicians became lovers after a while and enjoyed their lives together, which saw Michel’le gave birth to their only son, now 25-year-old Marcel Young. The couple enjoyed the wealth and popularity, but she revealed that Dr. Dre became violent during the course of their relationship.

She admitted in the same interview that Dr. Dre physically abused her several times, but she did not question it back then because it became part of their routine. It became normal for them and they have never talked about it.

Despite the violence, she said that she did not regret those years she spent with her ex-husband, although the next man in her life, Suge Knight, also did not make her life a happy one.

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