Synthetic marijuana overdose, Brooklyn streets like Walking Dead scene

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Photo courtesy: Lance Cpl. Damany S. Coleman/Wikipedia
Synthetic marijuana overdose makes streets of Brooklyn like Walking Dead scene

This is not from the scene of the TV series, The Walking Dead. People are dropping on the streets, some seemingly floating as they walk. And it’s not Rick Grimes, but the police are in the area as there have been multiple reports of K2 drug overdose.

K2 drug is also known as “Spice” or synthetic marijuana. It is a synthetic drug that is sold with claims of having similar effects with cannabis. Doctors say this is dangerous because it’s totally different and unpredictable. It may cause prolonged effects of psychosis.

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Near the sign on the street that says smoking K2 is prohibited, people stare blankly forward. Police say they have helped out people lying, twitching on the ground. Around the subway station area near Myrtle Avenue and Broadway, 33 people have reportedly overdosed and were brought to hospitals.

Despite the ban, synthetic marijuana has been reportedly gaining popularity. It’s probably because of its reference to cannabis, although there really is no connection to the plant itself, but only to the chemical that the plant contains.

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It’s called tetrahydrocannabinol, but it is more appropriate to refer it as synthetic cannabinoid.

Jason Reis, a Bedstuy resident said “In previous years, you might see the same five or 10 guys around, and now it’s five new guys every half-hour walking around smoking it.”

“So I think a lot more people are flocking to this area. There’s a store in this neighborhood that’s one of the only stores, from what I understand, in New York City that’s selling K2.” He added.

Mayor de Blasio, who refers to the drug as poison and extremely dangerous, signed a bill, which makes it a crime to sell K2 with a fine of up to $55,000.

Police say synthetic pot is not listed in the penal law, except when concocted with a controlled substance. However, since the ingredients of the drug change, it may be very difficult to track which ones can be deemed illegal.

People who overdosed with the drug were described as having “altered mental states.”

Photo courtesy: Lance Cpl. Damany S. Coleman/Wikipedia

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