Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris engagement update, the singer ‘is the most secured she’s ever felt’

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Photo courtesy: Eva Rinaldi/Wikipedia.org

Taylor Swift has had a rough dating career and was rumored to be considering abstinence from men. However, meeting Calvin Harris has changed the world for the American singer and the 26-year-old is considering getting engaged to the DJ from Scotland.

Taylor Swift’s relationship with Harris has lasted for over a year, which is something she has not experienced with any of her previous boyfriends. Swift was previously dating Harry Styles of One Direction and also Hollywood heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal, however neither of them worked out for the girl from Reading, Pennsylvania.

“Before meeting Calvin she’d completely sworn off men and was focusing on her career. The last thing she wanted was to get involved with another high-profile man but they just clicked.” A source told Grazia magazine of United Kingdom.

The source also mentioned that Calvin made Taylor Swift feel “secured”. Considering her past experiences, Calvin has proved to Taylor that “he’s the one”.

It was during Christmas when Calvin spent time with Taylor’s family in Colorado and the source believes that it was this moment which made the relationship grow stronger between the two. The couple has also been spending a lot of time together and was recently seen taking a break at a tropical location, according to music-news.com.

People close to both Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris believe that the couple will get engaged soon and will be walking the aisle in near future. However, with both the celebrities being super busy, it will be a tough ask for both to find out time from their busy schedule.

Photo courtesy: Eva Rinaldi/Wikipedia.org

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