Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston breakup: Funniest online reactions

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston breakup, internet reacts
Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston breakup, internet reacts

Three months ago, at the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston were spending their Independence Day weekend together at the beach, with the Loki actor wearing an I heart T.S. top as a proclamation of his undying love for the singer. Fast forward to the present and that shirt is now “being sold on E-bay” after news of the celebrity couple’s breakup took the internet by storm.

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Obviously, the shirt isn’t being sold on E-bay, but that is just one of the many hilarious reactions that fans and mockers of the Hiddleswift phenomenon shared online. The Tweet, which can be seen below, jabs at Hiddleston who was seen wearing the shirt during one of his few dates with Swift.

As expected, some fans immediately speculated of a new Swift single to come out in the near future. Others are expecting an entire album, though.


While one person decided to pen the occasion using poetry.

Though most people took (comedic) jabs at the new of their breakup, there were a few people saddened by the news (which is still pretty funny).

The Internet pokes fun at Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston breakup

But basically, the world just seems like a really funnier (meaning happier) place now that Hiddleswift is no more.


Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston became a couple over the summer, just days after the singer had broken up with DJ Calvin Harris. This made a lot of people suspect that Hiddleswift was merely a publicity stunt for both Swift and Hiddleston.

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The Loki actor immediately refuted these speculations and admitted that he and Swift were already considering a future together, even flying the singer to the UK to meet his mother. But the two may have gone ahead too fast, as the future they were considering wasn’t so far off, after all.

In any case, thank you Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston-for all the happy memories that we have shared.

And to the one reading this, you’re welcome.

Photo Courtesy: Paolo Villanueva/ Flickr

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