Ted 3 Movie Release Date: Seth MacFarlane reveal update; Mark Wahlberg remains

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Fans of the Ted movie franchise are eagerly awaiting the Ted 3 movie release date and writer/director Seth MacFarlane has provided an update regarding the third rendition of the famous franchise.

“It’s all based on appetite. If Ted 2 does as well as the first one, it means people want to see more of these characters. If there’s a desire for it, then yeah, we would do a Ted 3.” MacFarlane said on being asked about the possibility of a third movie a year back, before the release of Ted 2, as reported by Collider.

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However, news about the third movie got buried after Ted 2 failed to make a good enough mark on the box-office. The first movie was a worldwide blockbuster. But, the second movie failed to live up to the expectations and this could be the reason that no more news regarding the third movie has been declared yet.

Ted 2 grossed a total of $216 million worldwide on a production budget of $68 million. Although this could be termed as a decent success, it’s nothing compared to what the first movie earned on a much lower production cost, according to Box Office Mojo.

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The first film was made on a production budget of $50 million and grossed $549 million worldwide, which is a much better return and this resulted in Ted 2 being made. However, will there be a Ted 3 based on the returns made by Ted 2? It’s not yet clarified by either MacFarlane or the producers of the movie.

Meanwhile, if the franchise does return with the Ted 3 movie, it is expected that Mark Wahlberg will reprise his role as John Bennett, who along with his teddy bear Ted will embark along a new crazy adventure.

Photo courtesy: www.facebook.com/TEDMovieOfficialPage2012

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