Teen Wolf Season 6 Update: Release date confirmed, Reasons behind Season 6’s delay revealed

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Teen Wolf Season 6 is coming this fall and MTV has just confirmed the news via Twitter. The premiere date of the show’s upcoming installment has finally revealed by MTV via the official Teen Wolf Twitter account.

But what exactly have caused this long delay? Many believe that this has something to do with Dylan O’Brien’s recent accident while filming the Maze Runner movie.

All previous seasons of the supernatural series have premiered in the month of June, so Season 6’s debut is a first for the supernatural series.

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Teen Wolf News, the largest source for the latest news about the Teen Wolf series, reported earlier that the delay has nothing to do with Dylan O’Brien’s recent accident on the set of “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” last March. Instead, it made a huge explanation and reported that the delay is due to an ongoing battle between MTV’s parent company, VIACOM, and the family that owns the majority stock of the said firm.

The news site also learned that the other reason for the delay is that MTV is waiting for their new show “Sweet/Vicious” to be ready on air and that the network is going to use the Teen Wolf Season 6 as a “debut buddy” for the new show to draw more attention for its premiere.

To be launched this year, MTV’s Sweet/Vicious is a dark one-hour dramedy about two very unlikely friends taking justice into their own hands and kicking literal ass on their college campus. The show centered around Jules (played by Eliza Bennett) which comes off as the perfect sorority dream girl, and Ophelia (played by Taylor Dearden).

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MTV said that the new Sweet/Vicious” was expected to wrap up their season 1 shoot during the first half of the month, while Teen Wolf has two new episodes ready to air.

The exact release date for the Teen Wolf Season 6 will be announced at Teen Wolf’s San Diego Comic-Con panel later this month.

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