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the crown cast
Picture Courtesy: Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd/Wikimedia Commons

As the world undergoes a period of furious change few things are left unaffected by its ferocity. And the reign of Queen Elizabeth is one that has withstood time placing her as the longest reigning monarch. So, it is befitting that Netflix’s The Crown cast should include some of the more promising acting talents.

The show is supposed to narrate the Queen’s life with an emphasis on the initial hurdles faced by her when she took the throne at 25 reports hofmag.com and how difficult it actually is to come to terms with power.

Of course, it is going to be a period drama. And Claire Foy would grace the sets as Her-Highness. The chemistry between the members of Sir Winston Churchill, played by The Crown cast member John Lithgow, would also be explored. In the show, divergent opinions between the two as to the best course for the future of the UK would be also be narrated.

Matt Smith gets to play Prince Philip in The Crown cast and spoilers have it that he would be portrayed as having made numerous sacrifices for the sake of his wife. It would highlight how he abandoned the Royal Navy to be on the side of her queen and even kneel perhaps literally at some of her decisions.

According to Vanity Fair, the show would be fair. After all, Prince Philip was not without the occasional bouts of faithlessness. It is subject to controversy, but Prince Philip had been linked to Penny Brabourne and Pat Kirkwood.

Brabourne happened to be the daughter of Countess Mountbatten, and it was an affair denied before the eyes of the public. The Countess found friendships with women 30 years younger to be but natural.

On the other hand, the Kirkwood British actress who achieved a significant amount of popularity and was also linked with the Duke of Edinburgh while the Queen was carrying a child. However, whether the show will dwell on such controversies is yet to be revealed.

It is said the Jared Harris will get to play the role of King George VI and Peter Townsend’s role would be essayed by Ben Miles.

Picture Courtesy: Queensland Newspapers Pty Ltd/Wikimedia Commons

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