‘The Night Of’ Episode 6, 7 Recap, Spoilers, Release Date: Don, Andrea’s gigolo stepfather, could be the real killer? Chandra, Stone gather evidence to prove Naz’s innocence

The Night Of
The Night Of

‘The Night Of’ episode 6 added more mystery in the death of Andrea Cornish. John Stone and Chandra Kapoor teamed up to make an investigation to know the real killer and prove Naz’s innocence.s

Naz’s struggle inside the prison continues as the real suspect is still unknown. His parents were forced to take menial jobs as a result of fallout from his case. Detective Dennis Box was doing his best to strengthen the evidence against Naz.

He found out from Naz’s high school basketball coach that he was forced to transfer to another school after pushing a boy down the stairs. However, Naz defended himself saying that it was only his response from bullying.

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Chandra Kapoor, Crowe’s assistant, started making his moves in proving Naz’s innocence. Chandra saw the security footage from the night of where Andrea was caught talking to a hearse driver and later followed Naz out of the gas station.

Chandra tried to reach out the hearse driver. The driver revealed that he was seduced when he saw Andrea. Chandra became suspicious with him. Is Chandra thinking that the hearse driver’s desire could lead him to kill Andrea?

As shown in the footage, the driver followed Naz. There is a possibility that he knew where Andrea and Naz stayed together and waited for the perfect timing. Since Naz was badly influenced by drugs, he did not notice what happened to Andrea after he fell asleep.

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Meanwhile, John Stone learned that Andrea had a dispute with his stepfather, Don, regarding the portion of her mother’s wealth. Stone became intrigued when he knew about Don’s history – a violent man who siphon wealth from much older women.

With this, it can be assumed that Don could also be a suspect in Andrea’s death. Now that his stepdaughter is dead, he can enjoy all the wealth of his late wife. ‘The Night Of’ episode 7 is titled “Ordinary Death”.

The title seems unusual since the previous episodes revolved in solving the case of Andrea’s death. Aside from Naz, three characters have shown potentials being the real suspect, including Duane Reade, the hearse driver, and Don.

‘The Night Of’ episode 7 might give more hints regarding who the real killer is. It also expected to show what really happened on the night Andrea was killed.

‘The Night Of’ episode 7 will air on August 21, 2016, on HBO.

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