The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam attacks Victor, Newman oil rig disaster suspect for frame-up revealed?

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The Young and the Restless spoilers
The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal about Adam’s attack on Victor while others discover the missing journal pages in the hotel crime scene.

This week for The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal intensified episodes fans shouldn’t miss. Adam dreams attacking Victor as the others discover the former is innocent and Newman oil disaster is merely a frame-up.

Chloe Mitchell is seen under so much pressure from Victor Newman’s threats about her daughter, Bella. He wanted to get the missing journal pages from her. Obviously, these pages are evidence which proves Adam’s innocence and Victor as the mastermind for Newman oil rig disaster.

At that point, he’s assuring Chloe that she’ll be safe and won’t pay for the frame-up job. Adam, while in prison, dreams about choking Victor in his neck. Victor acts as a cruel guard at the prison in Adam’s dream.

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While he’s choking Victor, the latter says that he has the key to getting Adam out from prison. Yet, in the next set of spoilers, Dylan and Paul William discover the missing pages of the journal in the hotel crime scene.

They both suspect Adam, which means he’ll still be in trouble amid his innocence. Based on the spoilers, there are two frame-ups discovered which included Adam’s imprisonment and Newman oil rig disaster.

Luca informs Travis about Victoria Newman’s return with Billy Abbott. The spoilers reveal that Summer later confronts Luca about his secret meeting with Victor. As he tries to change the conversation, he pushes Summer to have the wedding sooner to distract her.

Part of Luca’s test if her family is really okay with the wedding is setting its exact date as well as the wedding venue. The decision ends with scheduling the wedding date on Friday in Top of the Tower. While he’s up for his wedding, Nick Newman determines Luca’s plans on framing-up Travis.

Convinced by his evidence gathered about Luca, he appeals to Victoria and searches for Travis. Thus, she has to convince him to go back to Genoa City to tell Summer the truth about her lover.

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During this week, Victoria will be seen with Travis on a boat with a heated argument. The scene ends with Victoria slaps his face.  Towards the end of the week, Michael Baldwin finds something surprising as well.

Phyllis Abbott’s behavior is also observed to be increasingly intolerable. Because of that, Jack Abbott finds it hard to handle her and asks his sister Ashley to help him.

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