Tim Tebow from NFL to politics; other players who made the shift

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Tim Tebow is now being rumored to run for office somewhere in Florida where he is currently a resident of the state.  This particular rumor of Tebow seeking for a political position stems from an interview question asking his stance on politics.

“I don’t know at this time in my life. If there’s there’s a chance to make a difference someday at something, that’s intriguing,” Tebow stated when asked about the idea of running for office.

Such answer of Tebow about the possibility of him finally dropping the pigskin over politics was welcomed by rumors having various angles. Starting from his age down to his belief, as early as now the NFL quarterback has been under the scrutinizing eyes of both the public and the media.

Such statement of political inclination has served as an indication of what might come Tebow’s way if he would declare candidacy in years to come.

The idea of Tim Tebow running for an office is, in fact, not new; even before there were already few brave American football or NFL players who took the challenge to serve their fellow American citizens.

To name a few, Bleacher Report highlighted some of the most prolific NLF players who traded sports for politics.

Steve Largent, considered as one of the most accomplished receivers in NFL history took his chance and became a member of the Congress. Jon Runyan of Houston Oilers and “was named to the Philadelphia Eagles 75th-anniversary team” also answered another call by running for the representative of New Jersey’s third district.

Though there is no certainty that Tim Tebow might follow their success or even get serious about running for any particular political position, still rumors would continue to speculate about his future in politics if ever the current NFL free agent would finally decide to run.

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