Tom Hiddleston single, happy, and looking good in the Gold Coast

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Tom Hiddleston has been spotted up and about in the Gold Coast alone, but definitely happy and looking good. The actor was wearing a navy blue shirt, black jeans, and eyeglasses.

Carrying a laptop, the actor is supposed to be taking a break from shooting “Thor: Ragnarok” where he reprises his role as Loki opposite Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. The Scottish actor strolled casually in the streets and stopped for a moment to chat with a bystander. He, then, headed to a local coffee shop where he stayed for a few hours working on his laptop.

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The actor appeared clean-shaven and very relaxed as he also chatted with the waitress for a short moment as she took his order. Queensland, most probably, is more welcoming, since there are no shadows of anything about Taylor Swift in the area. Moreover, locals don’t care about the rumors based on how Tom made small talk with them. The actor has been going in and out of Queensland where most part of “Thor: Ragnarok” is being filmed.

For the past few months, the media have had a field day with speculations after his breakup with the “Bad Blood” singer. One of the most resounding rumors claimed that he was the reason for the Calvin Harris/Taylor Swift rumor accusing the actor of lying.

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Even with all the accusations, Tom remained the gentleman and refused to say anything about the breakup even when baited by the media many times. His good friend, Benedict Cumberbatch, was also helpful to end any more questions regarding his romance with Swift.

‘Thor:Ragnarok’ is set for release in November 2017 with new characters aside from its original cast and character. The final installment of Thor is directed by Taika Waititi who was known for directing the vampire mockumentary called ‘What We Do in Shadows.’

Photo Courtesy: Lucia Marenna/Flickr

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