The Top 5 Stores with the best Black Friday online deals in 2016

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It is common knowledge that Black Friday brings with it a host of savings and sales, but some stores will offer better discount than others. That is why we will help you find the best stores which are likely to offer good discounts.

The following list is the top 5 stores that give the best deals in the biggest shopping season. All that is left for you is keep your mouse ready and make a budget for the Black Friday sale.

The Top 5 Stores Offering The Best Black Friday Online Deals in 2016


The Amazon is still the best for people who like to shop for all sorts of cheap things. The online megastore offers the best prices on many different things. From Alexa-enabled speakers, electronics, clothing and much more, Amazon has the best deals. According to Deal News, their Prime Day promotion was so successful, it would be impossible for the company not to replicate it again.

However, those with Prime account should check if they can score a better deal before buying. Keep in mind though, that many of these offers will be Lightning Deals that will sell out quickly. You’ll have to be fast in order to make a purchase.

Amazon has the best deal for LED TVs. Their 32″LED TV fell to $75, while a 50″1080p LED HDTV sells for only $150. The megastore also knocked 75% off on winter coats and jackets as well as clothing labels like Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis. Tommy Hilfiger and Steve Maden.

Check out Amazon’s Black Friday deals HERE.

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Target is best for people who do not mind saving thanks to high-value gift card bundles. The store has a free sitewide shipping offer on all orders, making it number 2 on our list. Additionally, it has a stacking 10% off discount on entertainment and tech items. The bulk of Target’s best deals were on low-cost video games, electronics and movies.

Deal News reports that Target has the best deals on Apple devices. From Apple Watches to Apple TV receivers and iPad Airs. It also has the best TV deals of the season. Target’s 43″ 1080p LED LCD HDTV is at an all-time low, as well as best-ever prices for Samsung 4K HDTVs. Holiday decor deals are also the store’s best deal, given that it has an additional $50 off all orders over $100.

Check out Target’s Black Friday deals HERE.

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Best Buy is best for studious shoppers who likes to prepare in advance with pre-released Black Friday ads containing buzz-worthy doorbusters. The megastore has the best deals for movie buffs as they have the cheapest blu-ray movies. The stores knocked their popular titles to just $4 shipped.

The store also has a big discount on big-brand laptops. Last year, they have the cheapest new 16″ laptop and new Dell Inspiron touch laptop. Expect something similar on this year’s Black Friday too. Best Buy also have the best deals on Apple devices. Expect a $100 off on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as they did the same last year with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Check out Best Buy’s Black Friday deals HERE.

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Walmart is best for shoppers who want to get their purchases in early, but don’t mind a trip in-store to collect their purchases afterwards. The megastore has the best deals on various items and has the cheapest offers on technology, gaming and electronics. However, many of their best deals required in-store pick-up, so shoppers have to make a little sacrifice.

The multinational retail corporation has the most impressive offers on generic brand models of HDTV. They boast an all-time low price for any 60″ 4K build and 55″ 1080p HDTV. Walmart also have headline-grabbing price lows on popular video games and console bundles. The store played host to the best Xbox One bundle deal of Black Friday week as a 500GB console with Kinect fell to a $50 low, as reported by Deal News.

Check out Walmart’s Black Friday deals HERE.


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Electronics haven Newegg is best for tech lovers who don’t mind redeeming a mail-in rebate in order to get a great deal. Although Target and Amazon remain the go-to stores for the best Black Friday tech deals, Newegg has a lot of online stock compared to those outlets. So, online shoppers have to expect to pay more on the day as Newegg has a mail-in rebate.

Newegg is the go-to store for PC and tech lovers as they have quite the selection of sought-after gadgets that were free after rebate. These include portable batteries, HDMI cables, activity tracker, PC components like SSD and internal hard drives, Wifi routers and extenders. Expect also to get PC software for free, if you don’t mind redeeming a rebate once Black Friday week has come and gone.

Check out Newegg’s Black Friday deals HERE.

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