‘Top Chef’ winner Paul Qui runs wild, busted for drugs resulting to domestic violence

“Top Chef” reality TV show winner Paul Qui went on a rampage inside their home in Austin, Texas and was arrested by authorities, Saturday (March 19) after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in front of their child.

As reported by NY Daily, it was stated that a concerned neighbor reported to 911 that they heard Qui and his girlfriend fighting and that loud noises could be heard from their unit just before 8 a.m. When police arrived at the scene they could still hear voices arguing from Qui’s unit and when they knock on the door, a bloodied Qui faced them.

One of the responding cops stated that Qui was wearing a white tank top and boxer shorts and they noticed blood all over him. Authorities also found broken glasses on the floor and found Qui’s girlfriend crying while clutching a small child. In an instant, officers arrested Qui and were taken to the station for processing while the woman-victim, who was later identified as Stephanie Rodriguez, was taken together with the child for medical attention.

In the course of the investigation, the victim stated that Qui came home drunk with friends. It was also learned that Qui and his crew were high on cocaine, marijuana, Xanax and alcohol when she was woken up. The victim narrated that she had a couple of drinks with his friends when Qui accused her of flirting with his friends which resulted in violence. She added that after Qui threw his friends out of their apartment, Qui then violently confronted her.

The victim’s statement was backed by reports of the officers on the scene and one of them noted that she had a swollen jaw as well as a result of the attack.

“I could see a fresh cut on her right forearm and bruising on her upper arms from Qui grabbing her and throwing her around the apt,” one of the officers wrote in the affidavit.

Photo Courtesy: Paul Qui @pqui/Twitter

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