True Detective Season 3 release, spoilers, predictions in 2018

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True Detective Season 3 release date spoilers HBO
Based from theories, fans could still anticipate True Detective Season 3 release soon. But HBO didn’t confirm its arrival in 2018. Cary Fukunaga returns?

True Detective Season 3 release may or may not push through in 2018. There are several grounds to come up with this conclusion. From there, these serve as the basis to debunk the theory of its arrival.

Although many reports mentioned about True Detective Season 3 release in two years, HBO didn’t confirm it in the first place. They only said that they’re “open” to reprising Rustin Cohle anytime. But they haven’t said anything about slating it in 2018.

In addition to that, the creator and director Nic Pizzolatto are now pre-occupied with HBO’s new series “Perry Mason,” which is a collaborative project with the “Iron Man” star Robert Downey, Jr. and his wife. This situation clearly defines that anticipating the coming of the series is nearly impossible.

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Given these facts, they don’t necessarily mean there would be no True Detective Season 3 release to expect at all. HBO head of programming, Casey Bloys, already revealed that somebody has written the script for the new season.

But this time, it’s not Nic Pizzolatto who’s supervising the entire show. In our earlier report, we wrote about speculations whether the original director Cary Fukunaga returns to manage the series knowing that Pizzolatto won’t monopolize True Detective anymore.

If Fukunaga’s return is possible, it’s predictable to witness a great third season like the first one that HBO produced in 2014. Based on the theories, the original director was the “genius” behind the success of the series.

In general, many fans were still waiting for its official arrival, albeit its uncertainty. In fact, they reached the point where they assumed HBO’s intention to rename new shows like “The Night Of” and “Perry Mason” to hide True Detective. This is because the majority of the viewers believed that these two series contained plots similar to True Detective.

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To sum everything, True Detective Season 3 release can still be anticipated as HBO affirmed that they’re open to continuing Rustin Cohle’s journey. In the meantime, fans should wait further for announcements from the network about its official premiere.

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