True Detective Season 3 won’t happen as creator teams with Robert Downey Jr. for new HBO series ‘Perry Mason’ until 2018?

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True Detective Season 3 creator Nic Pizzolatto HBO
True Detective Season 3 would likely be delayed in 2018 as creator Nic Pizzolatto confirmed teaming up with Robert Downey Jr. for HBO new detective series.

True Detective creator, Nic Pizzolatto, reportedly teamed up with Robert Downey Jr. for a special HBO series “Perry Mason.” Hence, it is confirmed that he won’t have full supervision for True Detective Season 3 anymore.

Various sources cited that Pizzolatto has another writer to create the plot line for True Detective Season 3. Most of the reports explained that he might have little to no involvement with creating the new episodes.

That thought was confirmed with his newly affirmed project with the actor’s passion project reboot. Though the details about the series remained scarce, but insiders mentioned that it’d be about Robert Downey and his wife’s passion project “Perry Mason.”

But it’ll turn into a special series that HBO would showcase soon. According to Deadline, the show will only contain eight episodes which are equal to True Detective’s planned number.

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The same source stated that Pizzolatto’s intention is to grab chances to reprise the actor’s passion project in 2011 under Warner Bros. This series was set around the 1930s in Los Angeles based on the author Erle Stanley Gardner’s work.

The story circled around the main character, Perry Mason, who’s an unorthodox investigator and defense attorney in his time. He’s featured in over 80 novels as well as in short stories, radio series and feature films.

Deadline also added that the idea would be a potential plot for the third season. Yet, this theory was not confirmed at the moment. It appeared that the Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective series might be in the pending section once again as he delved in his new project.

In spite of the rumors of canceling True Detective Season 3, HBO confirmed they’re open to reviving the award-winning series. However, they remained mum about its details. Variety noted that “Perry Mason” would last until 2018.

Hence, expecting True Detective soon would be certainly impossible. Nic Pizzolatto will more likely prioritize this highly-profiled series than pursuing True Detective. That also means there would be no True Detective Season 3 until 2018. Unless if he confirmed at least before 2017 in accord to theories.

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For now, True Detective fans should wait until HBO releases further details about reprising Rustin Cohle once again. Otherwise, they have to accept that True Detective series has already ended in season two.

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