Twilight’s Kristen Stewart goes beyond from Bella to directing ‘Come Swim’

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Kristen Stewart goes beyond Bella to directing ‘Come Swim’
Kristen Stewart will make her directorial debut in an upcoming film entitled “Come Swim” which she also penned three years ago.

Kristen Stewart will make her directorial debut in an upcoming film “Come Swim” which she also penned three years ago. Stewart is ready to jump into a profession which she fell in love when she was still a little girl.

The movie, originally entitled “Water,” based on a poem that Stewart personally wrote. From there, she got the idea of doing the script that leads to making a movie out of it. The 26-year old actress, who rose to fame in her portrayal of Bella Swan in the thriller love story franchise “Twilight” trilogy, drew inspiration from Jodie Foster.

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Stewart told Hello! Magazine as reported by TV3.ie how amazed she was at the difference between acting and directing. She added that Foster’s message to her in directing further strengthen her wish to the point of giving up acting.

“I’ve never thought there was a huge divide between acting and directing,” she told Britain’s Hello! Magazine. “Jodie Foster said something very helpful when I told her I was going to make this movie – she said: ‘The first thing you’re going to learn is that you don’t have much to learn – you’re totally ready already.’ That was an incredible thing to hear coming out of that particular mouth.”


It will be a huge challenge for Stewart especially manning from behind the scene. This is due to the fact that this year’s 54th New York Film Festival will honor Stewart. She will have three movies screened at this year’s festival namely “Certain Women,” “Personal Shopper,” and Ang Lee’s “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.”

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In an interview with Ruben Nepales of Inquirer.net, Stewart started her directing job back in 2014. She co-directed with David Ethan Shapiro a music video of the band, Sage + The Saints, for their song, “Take Me to the South.”

Stewart draws inspiration from some of Hollywood’s finest directors like Woody Allen, Ang Lee, and Olivier Assayas whom she had worked with. She has learned from the best and ready to make her mark in film directing. “Come Swim” is part of an anthology of short films commissioned by Refinery29, a fashion, and lifestyle website The film is now in its post-production and has no play date yet for a big screen debut.

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