Usher posts Oh-So Naked Selfie, Check pics

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Most celebrities are a little shy while posting naked selfies. But not Usher.

The 37-year-old broke the internet like Kim Kardashian by posting a naked selfie on Snapchat. But did it break the internet?

Thanks to the selfie, the singer has once again bagged the major headlines. He has captioned the selfie ‘blowinoffsteam’. Although he has successfully managed to break the internet, his photoshopping skills though are still poor.

Usher’s selfie shows him sitting in his personal steam room. But guess what, he didn’t do a very good cover up of his todger. The emoji that he used to cover his manlihood is placed close to dick-tip and it doesn’t cover everything.

Apparently, you can get a pretty decent view of the singer’s ‘thingy’.

But who is complaining?




Before posting the oh-so naked selfie, Usher has been continuously teasing fans on Twitter to follow him on Snapchat. The messages in fact were accompanied by winky faces, suggesting of giving a sexy time.

“Having a lil fun on snapchat  howusnap,” he tweeted. This was followed by another message which read: “Get in my world on Snapchat  howusnap,”

Apart from showing his manhood to the world, the OMG hitmaker also did a brief promotion for Samsung Galaxy S7. Throughout his Snapchat video, Usher’s Galaxy S7 accompanied him. The gadget even managed to capture everything despite the wet conditions in the bathroom.

At one point, he even sprayed the showerhead directly at his cell phone. And voila! The phone still managed to work without any malfunction.

Clearly impressed with the gadget, Usher even captioned one of the clips as ‘S7 shower proofed’. Before giving us a tour of his bathroom, Usher also gave us a sneek-peek into his luxurious mansion.

The R&B singer who is currently working on his eighth studio album, FLAWED paid a moving tribute to Prince over the weekend at Coachella.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Usher

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