John Cramsey: Vigilantes arrested in Holland tunnel, weapons seized

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photo courtesy: Jet Lowe/wiki commons

What seemed to be a normal day on duty for Port Authority police Officer John Basil turned out to be a strange experience. Police were alarmed after the officer stopped a luridly colored pickup truck at the Holland tunnel when he noticed a crack on their windshield.

It turned out that the vehicle was loaded with weapons. When he ordered the driver to alight from the truck the first thing he noticed was a .45-caliber handgun on his seat.

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Police scurried to check if the arrested individuals: John Cramsey, 50, and Dean Smith, 53 (from Zionsville, Pennsylvania) and Kimberly Arendt, 29 (from Leighton) had links to terrorism, but found none.

However, the group told police that they were on their way to a rescue mission; they traveled from Pennsylvania and were on their way to Queens to rescue a girl who they say was abducted, held hostage by a drug dealer.

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Police investigated the group’s claims and later found the girl they sought to rescue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Investigations say there was no sign at all that the teenager was kidnapped or held against her will, but that the girl needed assistance.

It turns out that since John Cramsey’s daughter Alexandria, died 4 months ago of heroin overdose he has been on a “mission of mercy” to save kids from drugs. It is estimated that Cramsey has already helped around a dozen kids.

Susan Hirst, a friend of Cramsey, posted on Facebook “Legally or illegally, he enters heroin houses, hotels, or whatever the hell they are called. He pulls our children out of the grips of these awful scumbags!” John Cramsey has been overcome by a strong sense of guilt since his daughter died and became dedicated to help anyone who’s addicted.

Cramsey is a gun range owner in Pennsylvania called Higher Ground Tactical. He founded the group Enough Is Enough to save kids from drug addiction, which he describes as a plague.

Items found in the vehicle were: SAR 98 Salamander assault rifle, shotgun, 4 9mm handguns, .45-caliber pistol, Kevlar bullet resistant helmet, tactical/night vision goggles, body armor and ammunitions.

The group was arrested and charged accordingly.

Photo courtesy: Jet Lowe/Wikimedia commons

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